About Us

Hello there, first of all I would like to welcome you for taking the time to visit this website. As you are in this page, it seems like you are interested in learning more about StartupMonk.In. Well I am highly honored seeing your keen interest in learning about us. I would love to share the story behind this blog and how I came up with the name StartupMonk.In. But before I do that, let me introduce myself.

About Me

My name is Sumit Deb and I am from Guwahati, Assam. I’ve been living in Delhi for 9 years. During my stay here, I have worked with a lot of multinationals in the IT Sales and Support profiles.

I have a good understanding of Technology, Sales and Marketing and how they coordinate with each other to help any business grow. My work experience gave me practical understanding of how a business actually works. However, my interest in business started way back when I was in college. At that time, I had a hobby of collecting open-source softwares. I used to visit internet cafes quite often and downloaded softwares meant for various purposes. One day while I was browsing a website, I happened to click on a download button and got navigated to a totally different website that had no relevance to what I was looking for. That generated a curiosity in me as to why the website sent me to different location instead of serving my request. I started digging in and after a lot of research on the internet, I understood the concept of online advertising networks and publishing networks and how they work together. I got to know how website owners make money from the internet. Since then, I have been learning more about online businesses and digital startups. My years of learning and case studies in the field of online entrepreneurship, has enriched my knowledge to such an extent, that now I believe it’s time for me to share it with others and help those who are passionate about building an online asset.

Growth of Internet

My understanding says that the prominence of internet is only going to increase with time, and we should now be trying to learn more on how to leverage the usage of internet for generating income. Gone are those days when internet used to be just a passive source of income. It has grown much more and is serving as active source of income for various organizations and individuals spread across the globe.

I believe the trend is only shifting in the favor of internet and internet based activities and it will keep growing over time unless any regulatory body tries to take control of it. So the concept of net neutrality must exist for internet to grow.

About StartupMonk

I started StartupMonk.In with a mission to promote the culture of online entrepreneurship. That’s why I chose the name StartupMonk as it clearly depicts what this blog is all about. StartupMonk.In is a platform to learn about Online Entrepreneurship. We are ready to help you start and grow your online business, provided you are passionate about doing it. The modern day entrepreneur needs to have an innovative mindset with a strong blend of technical understanding. We try to create content that keeps you updated with the knowledge resource necessary for achieving success in the online world. Our resources are not just meant for businesses. Individuals too, can learn how to build their online identity. By that I mean, you as a sole person can also benefit from us and learn the best practices to create your own space in this crowded online real estate. And believe me the crowd isn’t going to get any lesser. It will only increase with time. So start taking action from today itself and create your own space in your interested niche. The sooner, the better.

The youth need to be enabled to become job generators from job seekers – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

If we all start thinking the way Sir, APJ Abdul Kalam thought, we can make this world a better place to live. And that’s exactly what StartupMonk is determined to do. We want to spread the culture of online entrepreneurship amongst the youth. We want them to dream big and work hard to turn their dream into their goal. We want employers coming out of universities tomorrow, instead of employees.

StartupMonk.In is our way to show our support to Startup India, an initiative started by our honorable Prime Minister, Narendra Modi

Hope you like reading about us. Keep in touch



Sumit Deb

Admin and Content Creator